The Recording Library of West Texas

The Recording Library of West Texas


Mission Statement

The Recording Library provides audio to those who are blind, low-vision, and print-impaired. Individuals can qualify for free services if they cannot read printed words due to visual, learning, or physical impairments. This includes Dyslexia services, individuals with Parkinson’s, injuries that do not allow you to hold materials, low-vision due to age, and much more. We’ve been providing audio in West Texas since 1963! ALL of our programming is recorded by volunteers who lend their voices. We want to add you to our team! We believe humans should read to humans. Access to education, literature, and entertainment through audio is our jam! We have remote and onsite opportunities to volunteer. Services we provide free of charge: Audiobooks Special requests for written materials A low-vision support group Local and Far-West Newspapers Grocery Ads 24-hour radio station with programming and entertainment Podcasts (we have a beautiful studio in our office!) College Textbooks Audio-descriptions of live local performances Dyslexia Services Religious Materials and Workbooks Low vision and blind resources Audio descriptions (movies, live performances, art. etc.) Magazines Corporate employee handbooks Reading of personal materials like mail Assistance with job applications Senior Resources Low-vision and blind events We’re always adding to the list. We can gladly assign you a volunteer to help meet your needs. Vision Statement: Independence through equal access to information.


RLWT started in 1963 in Midland, Texas as The Free Tape Lending Library ( aka The Recording Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped) which is now known as The Recording Library of West Texas. Mrs. Martin loved reading. She started developing Age-related macular degeneration (AMD), an eye disease that can blur your central vision. She was unable to read print smaller than 3 inches. To continue her love of literature, she started the Free Tape Lending Library. Volunteers would read books and record them on tape and reel.

In the early 2000’s RLWT created a 24-hour radio station to provide programming and entertainment to clients. Clients can hear the station on radios or Alexa devices provided by us. We created our own Alexa Skill, Recording Library. You can hear our station by clicking “listen now” from the home page of our website. Alexa Auto is also used to hear our station in the car.

We're podcast experts and also rent out our studio. We offer sound engineering services too.

Take a virtual tour of our studio: Basic Requirements for Narrators: At least 16 years old. Voices that are clear and distinct. Ability to sustain energy over a long period of time. Voices that are free of mannerisms such as lip smacks and other oral and guttural interference. Skill in securing proper emphasis. A sense of timing and inflection. Ability to read in a conversational manner. Ability to retain a collective understanding of the material. Ability to dedicate at least 2 hours per week minimum. ( you can make your own schedule!) We always need individuals to review our books. If reading out loud is not exactly your cup of tea but you love to read, consider becoming a book reviewer.

Basic Requirements for Reviewers: At least 16 years old. Good vision and hearing. Exceptional listening skills. Ability to offer objective feedback and criticism as well as appropriate solutions. Sensitivities to the technical and aesthetic challenge