Faith-Based Organization

Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire, transform, and equip God’s people to SURGE their lives God’s way!


At LIFE SURGE you can expect to be impacted and transformed by live worship experience throughout the day - to keep our hearts and minds focused on who God is and what HIS plans are for our lives. You can expect to be equipped with life-altering wisdom on business, entrepreneurship, and how to increase your ability to bless others.

LIFE SURGE is a transformational day where you will learn how to SURGE Your Life God’s Way and become an IMPACT HACKER!

More specifically, LIFE SURGE is a one-day local gathering and life-changing experience that incorporates powerful worship combined with inspiring stories of faith and Godly teaching - specifically about IMPACT, by leveraging influence, business, and financial stewardship using tomorrow’s best practices, timeless Biblical strategies, and God’s supernatural power.