Herndon UMC

Herndon UMC

Faith-Based Organization

Mission Statement

At Herndon United Methodist Church, we believe . . .

God’s Love is Real God’s Love is Active God’s Love is for Everyone

God’s Love is Real – God loves us without conditions. We do not have to earn it and there is nothing we can do to lose it. It is not theoretical or figurative, it is always with us, now and forever. Nothing will separate us from God’s Love.

God’s Love is Active – God is all around us. While our faith is the assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of things not seen, we celebrate His creation of our world. We see His Spirit in the kindness and compassion of strangers, in the laughter of children, in our ability to forgive and to be forgiven, and in our love of others.

God’s Love is for Everyone – God’s blessings are universal. There is no condition, prerequisite action, or life situation that will deny God’s grace and comfort. His mercy and compassion are shared by all his creation and the creatures within it. God, through Jesus, has taught us to love one another as He loves us – no exceptions.