We exist to make caring connections that change lives of under-resourced people in our community. We do this by mobilizing community resources & establishing one-on-one, life coaching and mentoring relationships. We are a faith based nonprofit.

Embrace Loudoun focuses on issues such as homelessness, hunger, education, aging, health, family life and human rights and operates without discrimination on who may be served.

What we do:

Embrace Loudoun builds thriving communities within Loudoun County, Virginia and selected other communities in surrounding jurisdictions. We also consult nationally to help others impact their communities.

•	SEEK OUT THOSE MOST MARGINALIZED TO GIVE HOPE - identifying children, single moms, the aged, at-risk teens, the abused and the disabled. •	MEET BASIC NEEDS - assisting those with physical needs and enhancing the emotional and spiritual dimensions of their lives. •	IMPLEMENT LASTING SOLUTIONS - guiding adults to overcome barriers; for example, limited English literacy, fractured family structures, joblessness, homelessness, and so on. •	ENCOURAGE PREVENTION helping children develop early reading and math skills to promote economically and socially productive lives.

How we serve:

•	ADVOCACY - transforming lives through on-going, life coaching relationships— to navigate crises, to address root causes of needs, and to encourage independence. •	MOBILIZATION - building a network of community assets through collaboration. •	SCREENING assessing needs by relying upon leaders with intimate knowledge of the community. •	MULTIPLICATION equipping faith-based groups to serve those in need.